“love your sunblock! When we landed here in barbados on monday, my arms burnt on the way from airport. Applied sunblock after, healed the burn, got rid of my eczema too! Thrilled! 15 mins in sun in sauga a weekend before last and I got burnt so bad. Kids being kids always rub the sunblock in their eyes and it burns, my 7 month old rubbed this one in and she’s fine! still here for another 5 days but couldn’t wait to tell you”    Saara

“Since using the combination of your eczema cream and honey and coconut milk soap, we have been so peaceful. The itchiness has really subsided and he is feeling better. I can’t believe how much relief he is getting!”  -Karen

“ATTENTION: all eczema sufferers!!! Both of my children have eczema and my daughter really suffers from it. We have been to doctors, dermatologists, tried prescriptions, over the counter products, natural and organic products. All of this with perhaps a 20-25% success rate over a period of several months. This has been going on for over 2 years. I decided to purchase NPK Naturals. The products are hand-made and natural.  Within ONE week, we can SEE a difference in her eczema with her using it twice a day. If you know someone who suffers from this, TRY it!!! It really works and what a blessing that it is all natural and made fresh when you order. And no preservatives.  This really worked for us…” – Denise

“I have been using the butter for 4 weeks on my stretch marks and I am starting to notice a difference! The marks are beginning to decrease in redness and fade in depth! Thank you! Magic Butter!” – Natasha

“Ok here it is, I have to confess a secret that I’m sure I share with a lot of women! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve never been one to cream my skin, I mean my skin doesn’t really get that dry and I would just cream the parts that wre out in the open.  But since receiving my NPK Naturals I’ve been obsessed with keeping my skin well moisturized. I have my mini tub in my car so I have it for work and my big tub at home (now hidden from everyone else because they keep dipping into it!). I would like to thank NPK Naturals for helping me rediscover my beautiful skin!” – Jenn

“I’ve been using NPK Naturals products for over a year now, I have the Avocado & Safflower Face & Body Butter, All-in-One Body Butter and won the Carrot Seed Oil sunscreen in a contest…..I love them ALL. The Carrot Seed I use in the summer and it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily, it absorbed into my skin, made it feel soft and protected it from the UV rays of the sun. I use the Avocado & Safflower or All-in-One (depending on mood) in the winter, morning and night. They lock in moisture to shield my skin from the harsh coldness and dryness of the weather without the greasy feeling and I don’t have to worry about oil stains on my clothes because of the quick absorption.
I love that these products are all natural cause I also use them after a full body exfoliation to moisturize and protect my new skin!” – Lisa

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your body butter. Love everything about it. The way it comes on, how easy it is to apply, the way it feels on and the smell. I use it everyday!”  – Sahar

“The body butter is incredible! Just used the Carrot seed oil sunblock today! Just incredible! Rubs in smooth. My skin feels so soft and moisturized now! I’m going to tell all my friends! ” – Lavinia

” LOVE the All in One body butter by NPK Naturals. The texture is so smooth in comparison to other shea butter products that I have used before. It’s easy to rub in and smells great!” – Stefanie

“This body butter absolutely rocks! Absorbs quickly and leaves my skin ultra soft!! An additional plus that it is completely safe to use on my 3 month old. Will be purchasing again and again!” – Melanie

“Shea butter has a good texture. Easy to use. Thanks!” – Melissa

“Fantastic body cream! I’m loving the smooth rich texture!” – Kalisha

“It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve been using the shea butter and this is the best thing I have used on my skin. I’ve seen huge improvements overall from head to toe. I need to try the all n one butter next! ” – Yinny

“I love that your sunblock is all natural and that it actually works! I used it regularly all summer and didn’t burn once. I am heading to Mexico in a few months and I am excited to use it there too. Thank you for creating a natural and effective product. I will be a customer for life!” – Zabrina

“Every time I went away on Holiday, I would find myself constantly itching, the entire time I was there. I would itch all over my hands and legs, and neck so badly that I couldn’t sleep and would end up with scabs all over from itching so hard that I would bleed. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going on….was I allergic to something, was it bed bugs etc.? After about 10 years of enduring this, it dawned on me that maybe it was the sunblock I was using. Back then I didn’t use sunblock all the time so I only had this reaction when I would lather it on while on holiday. I did some research and decided to try some of the hypoallergenic versions, but to my avail, nothing worked. I still looked like a human tomato. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t very well use nothing, so I continued to use it and just endured the pain. Then one day, a friend of mine came to visit me, and brought with her the NPK Naturals Carrot Seed Oil Sunscreen. I told her about my problem, and she suggested I try some of it…after all, if it was good enough to use on her kids, it should be good enough for me. I tried it for a few days, and lo and behold, no reaction!!! I mean NONE WHATSOEVER!!! No itching, no redness, nothing. I ordered my own right away, and it’s the best sunscreen I’ve come across. It feels great on my face as a moisturizer too, and you don’t need to use a ton to get the results! NOW I use it every day (I now know better, that you need to protect your skin daily, not just when you’re on holiday). NPK Naturals Carrot Seed Oil Sunscreen is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone!” – Yasmin

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